Open You Datebook, Pencil In These Northern California Wine Events

Time to open your datebook and pencil in these dates so you can attend these amazing Northern California Wine Events.


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Don’t miss this event coming soon in April.

Event: Solano Wine and Food Jubilee, this event is a benefit for the North Bay Hospice and Bereavement. Have fun and enjoy a vast selection of food and drinks.

Date: April 25th, 2014

Time: 6:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m.

Where: Specialty Events Center, 300 Chadbourne Road, Fairfield.

Cost: $100.00, visit the NorthBay Healthcare Foundation for more information.


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Hope you get to enjoy the festival.

Event: Landmark Spring Festival, you can enjoy the delicious taste of oysters while you sip on Landmark spring releases.

Date: April 19th, 2014

Time: 11a.m. until 3 p.m.

Where: Landmark Vineyards, 101 Adobe Canyon Road, Kenwood.

Cost: $25.00, for more information please visit the Landmark Wine website.

Event: A Tasting Concert, Enjoy four refreshing wines while you listen to the beautiful music of Betany Coffland, mezzo-soprano, and classical guitarist, Aaron Larget-Caplan.

Date: April 25, 2014

Time: 7:30 p,m.

Where: Petaluma Historical Library and Museum, 20 Fourth Street.

Cost: $ 40.00 in advance and $ 45.00 at the door. Please visit brownpapertickets to get more information on this event.



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Add The Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience To Your March Schedule

Everyone should add the Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience to their March schedule, you really don’t want to miss this food event. It is one of the most entertaining and fun food festivals of 2014.

minnesota food and wine

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This event is scheduled to be held on March 1st through the 2nd, 2014. There will be nearly 280 exhibitors, over 350 ultimate wines and plenty of craft beers. You can enjoy it all in the comfort of the glorious Metropolitan and Legend’s clubs at Target Field on 1 Twins Way, Minneapolis, MN.

minnesota food and wine

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Wine seminars will be offered thus you can learn all about wine varietals. You will also be able to meet many local and national winemakers, chefs, craft brewers and other culinary professionals.

For more on the events of the Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience and for ticket prices check out

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Don’t Serve Your Stone Crab Claws Without An Amazing Dipping Sauce

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Stone crab claws are so scrumptious, they are known as a delicacy in Florida and other regions around the world. Honestly, I can’t think of anything better than a tasty stone crab claw, can you? However, I don’t think anyone … Continue reading

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Healthy Food That Is Affordable, Great Idea

In Harrisonburg, VA, there is a two day conference taking place that is focusing on healthy foods and local farms.


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Katrina Bot, the owner of Bowl of Good, said “To make food more affordable, the key is producing more food”. Her restaurant was the caterers for the conference, they offered a lovely dish called the Red, White and Moo, it was a chili made with a local meat, costing $7.81. A whopper meal normally costs more than that at $8.37. The goal of Katrina Bot’s restaurant is to provide local healthy food that people can afford.

Katrian Bot, also stated, “I’d say your right, it can be pricey I also think that it can work. A lot of it with local food is relationships so it’s having a relationship with a local producer”.

One way that grocery stores can help out when it comes to making food more affordable is to cut down on waste.

Philip Ackerman-Leist, the director of Mountain College’s college food and farm project, says that 40 percent of food is wasted. So, minimizing our food waste perhaps food cost can lower and people will be more apt to buy more healthy local foods.

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Habits Of A Florida Stone Crab

Stone crabs pull in a lot of money for fishermen in Florida, many years Florida stone crab fishermen have brought in millions of dollars during stone crab season. There are two common crab varieties found in the waters of Florida, Gulf stone crab and Florida stone crab. The crabs from Florida make up about 99 percent of the crabs caught in the United States. Stone crabs have habits just like other marine wildlife, however, some of their habits are unique thus read on to learn all about the habits of Florida stone crabs.

Stone crabs

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Reproduction Habits of a Stone Crab

Stone crabs mating cycle begins in fall, following the molting of the female stone crab. The eggs of a female stone crab are stored beneath their abdomen. The place where the eggs are stored is called a sponge. Each female crab can produce more than one sponge and have millions of eggs during a single mating cycle. The spawning season of stone crabs run from April to September, most female crabs spawn at least one time before their claws reach 2.5 inches.

The Claws of a Stone Crab

Stone crabs have a crusher claws, which is their big claw. They also have a pincher claw, which they use for pulling apart they prey. The claws of a stone crab are considered a delicacy in Florida and other areas of the country. In Florida, stone crab fishermen harvest one claw from a stone crab, then put the crab back into the water so it can reproduce another claw.

The Diet of a Stone Crab

Stone crabs are aggressive hunters, they feast on oysters, clams and other marine wildfire. They sometimes even eat on other crabs, too. Stone crabs use their pincher and crusher claws to capture, attack and eat their diet.

The habits of stone crabs are watched carefully by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. This agency also sees over the stone crab season that is about to start in Florida. The people of Florida are excited for the upcoming season and are eagerly waiting to feast on these delicious culinary treats. If you happen to be in the Florida area, by all means, get yourself some fresh stone crab from the docks of the Florida coastline. However, if you are like me and want to eat these scrumptious delicacies, then order fresh stone crab claws at Uberstonecrab. I have already pre-ordered my stone crab claws along with ordering some gourmet goodies from deandeluca that cook alongside my fresh Uberstonecrab. Go ahead, get your stone crab claws ordered now, before it is to late.

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You Really Should Try Out This Scrumptious Corn Recipe

Who doesn’t love fresh corn? Everybody that I know loves eating this delicious treat, but sometimes we run into situations when we can’t decide on what to do with our scrumptious corn on the cob. Thankfully, there are a bunch of great recipes that turn ears of corn into delicacies fit for a king.

Below you will find our favorite corn recipe. We hope you enjoy it and Have a great summer.


Tasty Chili Cilantro Butter and Yummy Grilled Corn

This recipe is so Yummy.

This recipe is so Yummy.


24 ears of corn with husks

2 sticks room temperature of unsalted butter

8 teaspoons of chili powder

4 finely chopped garlic cloves

2 Tablespoons honey

1 cup finely chopped cilantro

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1 teaspoon ground black pepper


Heat up your grill, Keep corn in their husks and place the ears over low burning coals. If you’re using a gas grill, put the ears over low heat and cover the grill. Cook the corn, turning it occasionally. Do this until the corn is tender, then take the corn and still leaving husks on put the ears on a serving platter. Cooking time will vary, but should take about 35 to 45 minutes.

Now, over medium melt 4 Tablespoons of butter, when butter is melted add your chili powder and garlic to the butter, cook, stirring frequently, until garlic is golden brown and chili powder gives off a fragrant aroma. This should take about one minute. Now, take this mixture and put it into a food processor, add honey, cilantro, remaining butter, salt and pepper. Combine by pulsing, when everything is fully combined transfer mixture to a bowl and serve with the ears of corn.

Hope you love this tasty corn recipe, we make it on a regular basis. It truly is so good.



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Foods That Will Help You Stay Hydrated This Summer

Summer is upon us, the weather is hot and spending time outside is an activity that many of us enjoy. It is definitely the time of year when swimming, barbeques and relaxing in the sunshine become a major part of our lives. However, along with these activities dehydration can also creep into our lives, too. As you probably know, drinking water can help keep us stay hydrated during these beautiful summer months, but did you know that certain foods can also help keep you hydrated thus keep dehydration at bay? Below you will find a few commonly eaten foods that many people use to stay hydrated.


Kiwi is perfect as a Summer treat.

Kiwi is perfect as a Summer treat.

Kiwi might be small, but it is packed with thirst-fighting elements like potassium, which is an electrolyte known for its ability to balance our body’s internal water level. You don’t have to even peel these yummy little fruits just slice them and eat, which can save you time and energy.


Watermelon is about 90% water and is filled with many elements that will help you stay healthy and hydrated. It contains Vitamin A, which is good for your eye sight. It also is an antioxidant and is packed with Vitamin C, which is known to be a good immune boosting agent. This delicious fruit not only can help you stay hydrated, but offers lots of health benefits. Can’t beat that, right?


English Cucumber, another food that is perfect to eat as a summer treat.

English Cucumber, another food that is perfect to eat as a summer treat.

Cucumbers are also about 97% water, which is great for fending off dehydration. However, not only is it a great hydration aide, but it tastes sensational, too. It can be sliced up for salads, be eaten as a snack or added to many other types of dishes. It truly is a versatile life-saving gift from heaven.

 Greek Yogurt

This type of yogurt has around 80% water. It is a wonderful source of liquid and contains many other healthy elements like probiotics, which can aide in digestion. You can add berries to this delicious treat, which will give the yogurt an antioxidant boost.

 There you have it, a few more options to stay hydrated and healthy this summer.


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Check Out These Interesting Coffee Facts

Coffee is a very popular beverage in America and other parts of the world. Some experts say a cup of coffee a day is good for you, but other experts disagree with those folks who believe that a cup of coffee is a healthy beverage. In addition, some people love their coffee black, some prefer it flavored and many coffee lovers like it both ways. No matter how you like to drink your coffee, pick up your coffee cup and check out this list of interesting coffee facts.

Are you a coffee drinker?

Are you a coffee drinker?

1.     There is a legend that says in the 9th Century a goat herder in Ethiopia accidentally discovered coffee because his goats got a little crazy after eating it.

2.     Coffee actually grows on a bush.

3.     Coffee was one of the first foods to be freeze dried.

4.     Coffee is actually a fruit, it comes from the bit of a berry.

5.     Columbia and Brazil produce 40% of the coffee in the world.

6.     The world’s most expensive coffee in the world is called Kopi Luwak and can cost up to $600.00 a pound.

7.     In the 16th Century Muslim rulers banned coffee because of its unique and unusual affects it has on a person’s body.

8.     Coffee was illegal in 3 different situations, times and cultures.

9.     Light roast coffee has more caffeine in it than dark roast coffee. This is because the longer coffee is roasted the more calories are taken out of it.

10.             Coffee is the second leading traded product in the world.

Interesting facts, right? Here is one more, there are over 500 billion cups of coffee are drunk each year. In addition, about half of the cups are drunk at breakfast or for breakfast. Hope you get a chance to take a coffee break every day and enjoyed these fun interesting coffee facts.

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Check Out The Food That Is Appearing At The Ball Fields

 It is the time of year when we Decatur, GAall love to go to the ballpark. Of course, along with watching great games many of us enjoy eating the food that is presented to us from the concessions. This year you can expect many great treats at ballparks all over the U.S, including Wrigley Field and U.S. Cellular.

Levy Restaurants are in charge of concessions every year at Wrigley Field. They have come up with some new and creative food items for the fans who vacate the fields. However, you can only find these new creations in certain spots of the ball field so you might have to do some searching to find them.

The most inventive, yet, impractical new food treat is called the Chicken Waffle Stix. It is a combination of two waffles and three pieces of fried chicken on a skewer. This fabulous creation comes with bacon maple dipping sauce. However, some people think this cleverly constructed food treasure is somewhat hard to eat in a ballpark setting.

Another newbie at the Wrigley’s concession is the Chicago Chop Dog. It is a foot-long, which incorporates the typical Chicago Dog elements which are chopped into a relish. In addition, you can get a pretty tasty bison bratwurst dog, which is easy to eat while you watch a game. Another favorite is a pulled pork sandwich, which has Uncle Dougie’s Barbeque Sauce on it. This sandwich might not taste like your favorite BBQ pork Sammy, but it is certainly yummy in the tummy.

Can't beat a Wrigley Field Bison Dog

Can’t beat a Wrigley Field Bison Dog

This year at the ball field, Wrigley’s along with many other ballparks have incorporated a bunch of new food creations to their concession menus. Hope you get a chance to try at least some of the new tasty treasures that will be featured at ballparks everywhere.

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Eliminate These Foods To Avoid Gaining Weight This Winter

Are you trying to find ways to avoid gaining weight this winter? If you are like so many of us this is a task that you try every winter because everyone seems to put on weight in the wintertime. Well, one way to avoid winter weight gain is to eliminate some food from your diet or at least re-make it in a healthier version.

For instance, avoid eating macaroni and cheese. Although this dish is a very comforting one, especially in the wintertime it is usually packed full of high fat ingredients that can add inches to our waistline. So, one way to make sure it doesn’t increase your weight is by eliminating or re-vamping it in a healthier way.

Other foods that you just might want to avoid eating this winter are cream based soups, bisques and chowders. Although these types of foods are so very homey and can make us feel all warm inside they are filled with tons of calories that can easily make us gain weight. So again, try eliminating these or avoiding your desire to eat them this winter.

On the sweet side, try to avoid eating cheesecakes during the cold days of winter because they are also filled to the max with fatty ingredients. Although, cheesecakes are very tempting and pleasing the fat inside will surely make that scale go up so avoiding or making a healthier version is definitely the only way to go on these short chilly days that we have ahead of us.

In the end, if you are desperately trying to maintain or lose weight this winter try your hardest to avoid the types of food listed above and success is certainly within your reach. Enjoy healthy eating this winter and keeping fat off of your thighs is surely going to be in your future.


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